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Be inspired by Paul Chapman

In July, 2007 Paul Chapman’s life took a drastic turn as his journey with cancer began. Three weeks after doctors removed his brain tumour, Paul heard words that no one should ever hear. His pathology was completed and his tumour was diagnosed as a Glioblastoma multiforme, the highest grade of brain cancer at level four. His doctors predicted he had six to 12 months left to live.

“I was in complete shock,” he recalls. He couldn’t imagine being without his two young girls and loving wife, therefore, Paul fell into a depression for two weeks.

“I realized that I had a choice, to give up and die, or fight,” he says. “There was never any doubt as to what I would do. I told the doctors I would live and did everything possible to make this happen.”

With his positive attitude that never wavered, Paul underwent 30 days of radiation and a total of seven cycles of chemotherapy. In addition, he joined to Brain Tumour Support Group at the BC Cancer Agency, which offered him not only support, but inspiration that he could beat the disease.

“At the Brain Tumour Support Group I met a man who had the same tumour as me but had lived for eight years. That gave me great hope that I could do the same.”

Now in remission, Paul does what he can to give back, including speaking at the Brain Tumour Support Group to offer inspiration to those who now fill the spot that he once did. Last June, Paul took on another great challenge; he took part in the inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. With his team of eight Brainiacs, who raised an amazing $38,000 for cancer research and care, Paul was overwhelmed by his experience:

“The camaraderie was truly spectacular, over 1,700 people plus countless volunteers. I was so thrilled to participate in this ride.” Paul was so impressed with his experience that he signed up for the 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer before the first day was even finished.

So thankful that he was given a second chance at life, Paul is dedicated to fighting cancer: “It currently touches too many lives and together we are doing something about it.”